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The Zoe Show playlist for 02/25/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
rod speed you blankk emporer! F#A#infinity the dead flag blues na No
da intalex massive breakbeats what ya gonna do na No
the ruby suns christopher desert of pop sub pop Yes
pillowfight s/t darlin' darlin' bulk recordings Yes
riders in the sky present davy crockettna the ballad of davy crockett na No
fatal mambo rumbagitation je t'en al pas parle na No
fred thomas kuma leave it alone ernest jenning Yes
open city the birth of curve fetch and squabble na No
solage true lovers in the parking lot terrible Yes
hot cross cryonies a tale for the ages na No
annabel youth in youth home count on your lucky stars Yes
foxygen we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace and magic oh yea jagjaguar Yes
fierce bad rabbits the maestro & the elephant shine a light na Yes
monkey changito bob furber na No
dj sun one hundred break na Yes
pogues essential rain street na No
eddie spaghetti old no. 2 some people say na No
the lonely wild dead end ep out of my mind thirty tigers Yes
free energy love sign dance all night free energy Yes
kiss her for the kid prettier then me lickalisculous na No
buke and gase general dome hiccup brassland Yes
lennings inside ink na Yes
kid fantastic closer to the end high school meltdown na No
annie dinerman broken cookies broken cookies na No