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    Welcome to WUNH, aka "The Freewaves." You can listen online by hitting the "play" button. We hope you enjoy our daily programming. If you can't get enough, recent shows are also available for streaming or podcasting in our archive!

The Voice Box playlist for 04/15/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Naturally 7 VocalPlay Relax Max No
Nota Nota I Need to Know No
Brandeis Voicemale Ain't Done Overnight Is It Any Wonder No
JHU Octopodes Shot of Blue White Flag No
Stuck in the Middle Melophonophobia Workin' for the Weekend No
Aural Fixation So Good Right Back Where We Started From No
Hyannis Sound Shirt! Tie! Khaki! Carolina in My Mind No
Alabaster Blue 10 Songs, Any Style Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) No
Firedrill! Rock Paper Scissors Sledgehammer No
Club for Five You're The Voice With or WIthout You No
The Real Group Nothing but the Real Group Chili Con Carne No
Marcoux Corner Buyin' Time Your Kisses No
Cadence Speak Easy It's Alright with Me No
The Blanks Teenagers Forget Streisand Because the Only Girl Is Cooler than Dynamite No
Rockapella Bang! A-Punk No
Sacramento State Jazz Singers University A Cappella Selfless, Cold and Composed No
Committed Live from The Sing-Off This Love No
House Jacks Level Red Dress No
Cartoon Johnny Power Up! More Like You No
Aural Fixation So Good Sweet Child O' Mine No
Not Too Sharp Shifting Gears What Hurts The Most No
Firedrill! Sings Without Music, Vol. 2 Workin' Day and Night No

Showing support for the generous a cappella groups who have sent in their CDs: 1 hour of nothing but what we have on the shelves. Followed in hour two with the aca-goodness and variety you need. Plus, our 100th song (SIM's Workin for the Weekend), Sean brings you: ridiculous, and Ted's Group from Scrubs. Don't listen if you are The Janitor.

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