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The Voice Box playlist for 03/04/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Alabaster Blue 10 Songs, Any Style Whatcha Say No
Overboard Help! In My Life No
Overboard Help! Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band No
Overboard Help! Taxman No
MIT Logarhythms BOCA 05 The Kids Aren't Alright No
Marcoux Corner In My Dreams No
Eclipse Kick Back, Relax No
Cadence Sittin' in the Cellar No
Rockapella Where in the World is Carmen San Diego No
Rockapella Change in My Life No
Rockapella The Lion Sleeps Tonight No
Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy No
Bobby McFerrin Blackbird No
Bobby McFerrin Thinkin About Your Body No
Naturally 7 Vocal Play Ready or Not No
Moxy Fruvous Gulf War Song No
Not Too Sharp Shifting Gears The Underdog No

With Brendan and Jim gone to a gig with Mt. Holyoke College's Victory 8s, Sean holds down the fort with Dougie Fresh and some assistance from substitute DJs Hannah and Spencer. Also, Dover, NH group Tuckerman's at 9 brings an energetic live set!