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The Magnificient Maggie

Wednesday afternoons are always a treat when Maggie steps up to the DJ booth. Week after week she’s received accolade from our listeners as well as other DJs. With a mix of soul, reggae, blues, folk and funk, her show is not only diverse but ethnic and covers the globe. Strangely enough, Maggie’s a local girl, raised in Lee. She even attended high school in Durham.

So where did this small town girl learn such big grooves? Right here. “Lots of my favorite songs are ones I first heard on WUNH like Morse by Nightmares On Wax, Or Groove Me by Maximum Balloon!” she says with a smile. “I've had the station number programmed into my phone since high school and have probably called to ask ‘who was that?’ five billion times so it's nice to finally be on the other end of the conversation”.

Her selection of music is made to accommodate the everyday person, just like her. “For my show I try to play music that I'd like to hear on my bike radio. Feel good music. That means a lot of soul but never limited to one genre.” And feel good at is. While the average listener may not be pedaling about with a radio attached to their handle bars, she knows how to meet the needs of the masses. “I try to provide a good soundtrack for people both on the job and chillin at home. A little of this and a little of that... Something for everyone.”

As a station, our mission is to get the best in independent new music and the works of local and underappreciated artists from our station to you. Sometimes, though, it’s great to kick and go back to the good ole days. “I know more about the classics than I know about new stuff,” she indulges. “That's why I devote my last hour of every show to playing only vinyl, in all of its crackling glory.” Even in this, her selection is vast. “I dig into a lot of legendary soul like Curtis, Marvin, Aretha, Stevie, Etta, Prince, Sade (basically anyone that you can refer to with a single name), and then I also go for a lot of rock and roll from the likes of The Band, The Clash and The Talking Heads- artists you've probably heard of but songs that you won't hear on any other station”.

As far as our general programming shows go, Maggie fits the idea to a tee. She delivers the sounds of great new artists while sharing what inspires her, creating something that is uniquely her own. What’s her formula?  “Every week is different and it just depends on my mood... of which I have many.” However, she did give us one ingredient in her secret recipe. “I have to love everything I play. Unless it's a request,” she says snidely. “Then I'll settle for like.”

To experience Maggie’s soulful grooves and old decade inspiration, check out her show on Wednesdays from 12-3pm, as well as her past shows in the archives. You’ll only find her on WUNH, Durham.