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The Balcony playlist for 10/21/2015

Artist Album Title Label New
Maggie Flynn Original Broadway Cast The Thank You Song No
Seventh Heaven Original Cast Love Love Love No
Seussical 2000 Original roadway Cast Biggest Blame Fool No
The Music Man Original Broadway Cast Wells Fargo Wagon No
Joseph and the Amazing Techicolo Dreamcoast Original Broadway Cast Go, Go, Joseph No
Fiddler on the Roff Original Broadwayu Matchmaker No
Evita Original raodway High Flying Adored No
Chapin Originla Cast Just Another Day in Hollytwood No
Avenue Q Orginal cast You Can Be as Loud as Hell when You have EExe No
Barnum Original Cast Bigger is Better No
Little Me Original Cast I've Got Your Number No
Catch Me If You Can Original Broadway Cast Fly,Fly Away No
Me and Juliet Original Broaday Cast I'm Your Girl No
Newies Original Broadway Cast Watch What Happens No
The Rothchilds Original Broadway Cast One Room No
On Your Toes Original Cast The Heart is Quicker than the Eye No