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    Welcome to WUNH, aka "The Freewaves." You can listen online by hitting the "play" button. We hope you enjoy our daily programming. If you can't get enough, recent shows are also available for streaming or podcasting in our archive!

Folk Show Playlists

Folk Show playlist for 11/01/2014

 Today on the Folk Show two radio specials: Bob Dylan and the Band The Complete Basement Tapes and Yusuf/Cat Stevens Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Folk Show playlist for 09/28/2014

 A celebration of maritime traditions because of Portsmouth's Maritiime Folk Festivals with lots of readings and a shanty blast finale.

Folk Show playlist for 09/21/2014

 For much of the show My Name Is New York: Ramblin' Around Woody Guthrie's Town was featured, it's an audio book by Nora Guthrie available from woodyguthrie.org

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