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Olivia Playlists

Olivia playlist for 01/24/2013

Oh, how nice it is to be back from a long winter HIATUS (word of the day!!!)
Glad to be back and glad you are listening!Hope everyone has a warm day! (because it's 17 degrees out there... feels like -1!)
Thanks for another week of random!
Love always,

Olivia playlist for 12/06/2012

Happy Thursday every one!Word of the day- Nobby- cleverly stylish, chic!
Try to de stress for the upcoming weeks! Watch a laughing baby video or cute puppy/kitty/sloth video! Go to yoga! Sing loudly!
Thank you all for another great 3 hours or randomness!
Lots of love,

Olivia playlist for 11/08/2012

Happy Vinyl Week!
Hope everyone is enjoying the SNOW!! Crazy crazy! Word of the day- Evocative- To bring back strong feeelings or memories.
Thanks for tuning in to what I hope was another fun musical montra of awesome and randomness!
Sections go-New
-Random 80's
-Show Tunes
- NEw

Olivia playlist for 10/25/2012

First hour is not recorded because the comupter crashed... ARGH! Thanks for listening anyway! Another fun Thursday full of trainees and random music and happiness!
Words of the day- Enigmatic- Mysterious, describing a enigma..
Uncanny- Strange, supernatural, out of the ordinaryHope everyone has a super week!

Olivia playlist for 10/18/2012

How fun is Menahan Streetband? Sorry! Happy Thursday Everyone! Hope everyoneenjoyed todays show.Lots of trainees coming in!
Word of the day- Worldly-wise- Possesing a practialand often shrewd understanding of human affairs
Ombudsman- govenment official who hears complaints by private citizens against other officials
It's Wynton Marsalis's birthday!
Hope you enjoyed another day of randomness and awesome!

Olivia playlist for 10/11/2012

Another day of random wonder1 Thanks for listenin in! Thanks to our trainees! Hope everyone has a super Thursday!

Olivia playlist for 09/27/2012

Another week of AWESOME! Cant wait 'till Friday. Have a great listen everyone!

Olivia playlist for 09/13/2012

Another day of a little bit of everythin'! Second section is a lot of Electronic Music ; appropriate for tonights EDM dance party tonight. Had Gregg and Reilly come in from the band MOGA, look them up they are pretty great! Yay honored guest! Same fun indie randomness from WUNH to you! Word of the day: Heliotrope & Undulate. 10 points if you use it in a sentence today! Lots of love and keep tuned into 91.3 FM,

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