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Olivia Playlists

Olivia playlist for 11/01/2017

First 2am -6 am show. Olivia BrigaglianoAlternative Pop, Rock, and Electronic Mix

Olivia playlist for 04/11/2013

Happy Thursday! Where did April 11 come from?!
Word of the Day LILT- a Rhythmic sing or Cadence
World music, experimental Jazz, ALL the new stuff! An eclectic show to say the least
Keep Smiling!Love, OLIVIA

Olivia playlist for 03/21/2013

Happy Thursday! I wont be here next week so hope you enjoyed this show!
Word of the day = Halcyon- calm, peacfulHappy birthday Bach! Thanks for another great week of randomness! Love, OLIVIA

Olivia playlist for 02/28/2013

Happy Last Day of February!
Word of the day _ Tchotchktes (wierd right?) It means knickknacks, dooddad, and trinket
Hope you all have a super fantastic day! LOVE, OLIVIA

Olivia playlist for 02/21/2013

Happy Thursday!
Word of the Day- Ephemeral- a very short time
Enjoy the day everyone! Thanks for another week of awesome!

Olivia playlist for 02/07/2013

Happy Thursday! Sorry about last week but this week was pretty awesome! Show tunes segement, Kimbra, random great!
Word of the day - Gastronomy- the art of good eating!
Hope everyonee enjoys the snow! Happy day! And thanks for another great week of randomness!