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    Welcome to WUNH, aka "The Freewaves." You can listen online by hitting the "play" button. We hope you enjoy our daily programming. If you can't get enough, recent shows are also available for streaming or podcasting in our archive!

The Voice Box Playlists

The Voice Box playlist for 10/14/2011

It's training season! Hear an incredibly diverse playlist this week with picks from your regular hosts and trainees.

The Voice Box playlist for 10/07/2011

It's a music episode, but that doesn't mean you won't learn something! Hear briefly from Jamie Saucier, creator of the local acappella festival Voices of the 603, an event happening at the Palace Theatre in Manchester on 10/14.

The Voice Box playlist for 09/02/2011

Sean and Brendan bring you a block on innovative originals from from POSTYR and a great new track from The Octāves, and New England CASA ambassador Lo Barreiro reports on the first Boston A Cappella Scene concert with Ball in the House and Boston Accent!

The Voice Box playlist for 08/27/2011

New musics from muSix, a word from The Blanks, and an interview with Voices Only creator Corey Slutsky.

The Voice Box playlist for 07/15/2011

Brendan runs a one-man show! It's a beautiful day for the latest albums: Tufts Amalgamates' Hands Off the Mannequin, Tonic Sol-fa's Just One of Those Days, The Swingle Singers' Ferris Wheels and Straight No Chaser's With A Twist. Plus, Boston's most epic a cappella show of the summer, breaking news on NBC's The Sing-Off, compilation album Voices Only 2011, and House Jacks on Monday Night Football.

The Voice Box playlist for 07/01/2011

Sean returns after carousing in Europe and elsewhere, an interview with Dave Longo from Sled Dog Studios, and listeners are rewarded with a sample of throat-singing for becoming Facebook fans.

The Voice Box playlist for 06/24/2011

THE VOICE BOX RETURNS TO THE AIR! Welcome to the show's summer run, have a seat and enjoy what's comin' at you. This show Jim brings a variety of new songs to offer up, we take note of new developments in the acappella world, and Matt Caruso of ACappellaPsych takes on the language of "vocables," or acappella's background syllables.

The Voice Box playlist for 04/15/2011

Showing support for the generous a cappella groups who have sent in their CDs: 1 hour of nothing but what we have on the shelves. Followed in hour two with the aca-goodness and variety you need. Plus, our 100th song (SIM's Workin for the Weekend), Sean brings you: ridiculous, and Ted's Group from Scrubs. Don't listen if you are The Janitor.

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