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WUNH is Blinding You With Science!

WUNH is getting back into the swing of Spring in big ways. One of those ways is the addition of new show Science Observatory. Hosted by the science enthusiast Sabah, this program focuses on something that this college radio station has been lacking: an educational discussion based show. Science Observatory aims to bring not just rad music to your morning but also to make you think about the universe around you, from how exactly that music is getting from this station to your ears to the chemical reactions going on in your brain to the crazy scary technologic advances the future holds.

Sabah enrolled as a graduate student last semester at the University of New Hampshire and took her love of science with her when she walked through the WUNH doors. "When I first started college as an undergraduate, I thought of science as something extremely abstract and difficult", she recollects. "This is a common misconception people have when it comes to science." According to Sabah, there is a big stigma that exists concerning the pretentious air that science in academia or otherwise seems to hold. "I'm definitely far from a genius, but if I learned anything from college, it's that science has a terrible reputation."

As a result, Science Observatory strives to make science an accessible and even exciting discussion topic for everyone. "I've made it a personal goal to show the truth about science - that it's extremely interesting, applicable to every day life, and that anyone can pick it up if they give it a second glance. As they say, 'Don't knock it down until you give it a try'."

Though the show has a wide scope of discussion points, it also takes great interest in the current events of the local community. "Science Observatory is meant to shed light on research at our very own UNH, the Greater Seacoast and Boston Areas, and (potentially) nationwide", Sabah informs. "The show integrates music with guest speakers ranging from all backgrounds to demonstrate to how intricately connected we are to science - complete with a portion of the show dedicated to listener discussion."

How can you find out more about this brand new show? "For detailed information, just like our page 'Science Observatory' on Facebook", Sabah explains. "We're also always looking for new ideas, so if you have some and would like to share, feel free to send us a message!" So far she's enthralled with the positive feedback. "I'm extremely appreciative of all the people who have helped make this happen and huge amount of interest that has resulted! I could not be more ecstatic, thank you!"

If you've yet to tune into Science Observatory, give it a try during your morning commute from 6-9am. You can also tune in through our archives by clicking on the Science Observatory link in the side bar so you can listen whenever you please. Be sure to check out all of our shows this semester and enjoy all of the voices coming at you this semester, old and new!