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Rock is Dead playlist for 11/25/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Fred Wesley and The JB's Damn Right I Am Somebody Blow Your Head People No
Evolution Control Committee Whipped Cream Remix Rebel Without a Pause Pickled Egg Records No
Time Zone (John Lydon / Afrika Bambatta) World Destruction 12" World Destruction Celluloid No
Dead Presidents Spread Butter 12" Spread Butter K No
Angel Corpus Christi Me and My Beretta 7" Me and My Beretta Almo No
Fugazi Red Medicine Combination Lock Dischord No
P.i.L Metal Box / Second Edition Poptones Warner Brothers No
Broken Hearts Are Blue The Truth About Love Get'n Over My Sassy Self Caulfield No
Sunny Day Real Estate split 7" In Circles Sub Pop No
Sarge Charcoal Smoke Mud No
Unrest BPM When It All Comes Down Teenbeat No
Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster Telling Them 13th Floor No
The Shods Bamboozled Lucky Poorhouse No
Boris The Sprinkler Drugs & Masturbation Drugs & Masturbation Mutant Pop No
Fu Manchu The Action is Go The Action Is Go No
EPMD Crossover 12" Crossover Def Jam No
J-Live Hush The Crowd 12" Hush The Crowd Raw Shack Productions No
The Flying Lizards Top Ten Sex Machine Statik No
The Slits Mind Your Own Buisness Instant Hit Kill Rock *'s No
Coxsonne Dodd V/A "Studio One Dub" Creator Version Soul Jazz No
Title Tracks No, Girl Ernest jenning record co. No
Death Spiritual, Mental, Physical Views Drag City No
LCD Soundsysten LCD SOUNdsystem / Arcade Fire 7" No Love Lost DFA No
Sinkhole Space Freak Anyhow Anyway Ringing Ear Records No
Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business 7" Mind Your Own Business Kill Rock *'s No

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