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Overgrowth: Heading into the Break!

 Though long overdue, here is the current length of my facial hair! Now beginning to resemble a shrubbery, my face is entering a phase of overgrowth. I have never felt so itchy in all of my life (except for the time I tried laying under a palm tree in Miami and hours later discovered I had been bitten by some unseen insect). I'm deciding I need a trim. There's no way my family will condone this look on me. I think they'll already be very surprised at the fact I have facial hair at all, nevermind that it's gotten so shabby. As you can tell by my attire, I have had final presentations this week. None of my teachers have pointed out my scruff (though I've been told it makes me look more mature, yay?) so that's a good sign. Alright, I don't think I can come up with anything else remotely interesting about this beard.

The winter programming has begun! Sadly, WUNH will be lacking in many of your well known DJs as the students head home. Never worry, for they will be back, and you can still listen to WUNH throughout the week. Prepare for a wide array of Christmas programming to come!