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Beards for Beats: Growing out my beard for the good of the station

For those of you who listened to my show last Saturday, you may have heard me make a ridiculous claim that I would grow out my facial hair if people donated over $30 to The Lounge. The deal was whatever the highest amount over $30 was, I would subtract 30 from that amount and that would be the number of days I let my locks grow. Well, as it turns out, some wonderful (though perhaps malicious) donor supplied us with a generous offer of $91.30 dollars. As a result, I will now be turning my five o' clock shadow into a wild bushy beard for the next 61 days (and 8 hours). While I absolutely despise facial hair, I love this station even more. So I will honor my deal (albeit somewhat begrudgingly).

This is where I'm at now. As you can see, I've already got a little something going on (little being the key word). I regret not having shaved the day I took that pledge. I'm hoping that our Engineer is right in his prediction that in 2 months, my face will still be baby smooth. I also appreciate the fact that he thinks my face is as smooth as a baby.

Check in each week to see how my beard growth is doing. If the bushiness does set in, I can always just say that it's filled with my love for this radio station.

On that note, thank you to EVERYONE who donated last week (including you, mystery beard donor). You really have made our station a success and because of you, we can continue broadcasting for another year. Now we just need the donations to come in so we can fix our phone (sorry to all of you calling in to hear "good bye" from that rude automated woman - I hate her too!).