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Nora playlist for 08/21/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Tullycraft Sweet No
Stereolab The Noise of the Carpet No
Downliners Sect hurt by love No
Pavement Gold Soundzzzzzzz No
The Blue Up? Pink Turns to Blue No
Violent Femmes Prove my Loveeeeee No
Heavenly Tool No
Sisters of Mercy Some Kind of Stranger No
Buzzcocks I Don't Mind No
Jazz June the Phone works both Ways No
Rentals Please let that be You No
Tiger Trap Super Crush No
the Makers the Only way No
Lazy Smoke No
Promise Ring Stop PLaying Guitar No
Flowchart Ode to Street Hassle No
Broadcast Come on Let's Go No
Heavenly Boyfriend stays the Same No
the Dishes Ran Out No
Makers do's and don'ts of lying No
Guided by Voices Keep it in motion Yes
Siouxsie and the Banshees Happy House No
Pulp Disco 2000 No
Luna Astronaut No
Long Goodbye Dawn of Understanding No
Mummies Your Love No
Date bait I just sing No
Heavenly Cool Guitar Boy No
Weakerthans Wellington's Wednesday No
Tullycraft pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about No
Felix da Housecat we all wanna prince No
Stereolab Cybele's Reverie No
Astronauts the astronaut and the monster No
Satelliters I hate you No
Astronauts Space & I No

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