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A WUNH Sports Radio Legacy


WUNH is a student-run radio station, which means that every year we say goodbye to some of our graduating DJs. While parting is never an easy task, there are some individuals whose exceptional dedication, leadership, and impact on WUNH make it that much harder to say goodbye. Sports Director Matt Walsh is one of those individuals. Since his sophomore year Matt has lead the sports department to new heights, improving and increasing UNH Sports broadcasts, organizing and polishing the Thursday night Wildchats show, and vastly expanding the number of participating WUNH sports DJs. Matt will leave a legacy of professionalism and leadership when he graduates this December, and we wish him luck as he moves on to a bright, successful future. 

Tune in for Matt's three final appearances as WUNH Sports Director, Thursday 11/29 for WIldchats from 6-8pm, Friday 11/30 for UNH Hockey, and Thursday 12/6 for UNH Hockey. 

Say your goodbyes and thanks on the WUNH Sports Radio Facebook page


Show Spotlight: The Folk Show

Miss the days of Woody Guthrie? Ready for another folk revival? Sundays from 10-12pm has got you covered. The Folk Show will give you the tools to get you started, and Jack Beard is the man in charge.

What does it take to become an expert in a form of music as diverse as folk? Find out right here and see how Jack forged his way in the folk world!

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This year's Marathon Fundraiser was our most successful yet! Your donations have gone to a non-profit organization dedicated to consistently bring you the best in new, independent music. We cannot fully express the gratitude we feel for your generosity and support. 

Please expect any donation gifts that your ordered to arrive in the mail during mid to late December. 

WUNH is always accepting online donations. If you have not yet shown your support and are interested in doing so, please click here

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Post-Marathon Update: Charlie grows a Beard

As promised, follow Charlie, WUNH's Program Director and DJ on The Lounge, as he grows out his beard to raise money for the station!


Click here to witness the transformation each week and find out how beards can earn donations in the first place!

CMJ 2012 Highlights


WUNH was nominated for three CMJ awards this year! As a whole, the station was nominated for the Biggest Improvement and Digital Leader awards. Music Director Sean Riley (pictured above) was nominated for the Will Never Sell Out award. Perhaps the highlight of WUNH's week was seeing Sean in the Music Directors Summit Panel on College Day at CMJ. Topics covered during the panel included professionalism and ethics in college radio, consistent communication with coworkers, and sticking to your station's goals and philosophy. Congratulations to Sean for representing The Freewaves so well!

While we returned from a week long adventure in New York City with no awards, we did gain valuable experience, contacts, national recognition, and a ton of new music to share with our listeners! Be sure to tune in at 91.3fm and right here at wunh.org to hear some of CMJ's top artists!


Show Spotlight: Maggie

Spinning the most stylish of feel-good goodies, Maggie is this week's Show Spotlight. Riding bikes and taking names, she is the epitome of chill. What inspires her to play the rad selection she seems to put down week after week and where did she first hear the songs that have shaped her image?

Jump into the groove with her here!

Show Spotlight: The DJ Tanner Show

Want your fix on local music? DJ Tanner, our resident humble cool kid, brings it to you in the quirkiest and awesomest of ways. She's the non-profit, New England music promoter that features local artists from punk to house music. Check out her favorite in the local scene and how to get on her good side right here!






Show Spotlight: Olivia

Wondering who that disembodied voice of the crazy lady playing that HUGE variety of funk, pop and rock on Thursdays from 9-12pm belongs to? She's Olivia, the fiesty, funky, cool girl bringing you tidbits of music and knowledge from groovy bands to words you should really add to your vocabulary.

Read about her goals, ambitions, and how she ended up at WUNH in the first place here!


Show Spotlight: Monday Night Jazz

 mingusMonday Night Jazz is finding its way back to its roots through the likes of Charles Mingus, Stanley Clarke, and the new DJ spinning it all.

Having gone through a slur of DJs in recent years with their own unique feelings about what truly great jazz sounds like, will this young DJ live up to the name? We sure think so.

Find out who he is and what you can expect to hear every Monday night from now on here!

Brendan's picture

The Voice Box Blog: Getting a Radio DJ's Attention

Head over to wunh.org/blogs/brendan to check out a new blog series from WUNH DJ Brendan McCann (The Voice Box) about getting radio DJs like us to play your group's music. This 3-part series will cover aspects of design strategy and publicity through storytelling, all with the goal that you, the artist, can incorporate some new ideas for creating the most marketable album ever. Don't forget to send it to WUNH when you are done!

> Go to Part 1: Album Design
> Go to Part 2: Tell Your Story
> Go to Part 3: Plan Your Sound


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