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Kristen W. playlist for 11/30/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Throwing Muses Purgatory/Paradise Opiates IT Books/Harper Collins Yes
Shearwater Fellow Travelers A Wake For The Minotaur Sub Pop Yes
White Fence Live In San Francisco Harness Castle Face Yes
Skaters single Deadbolt Warner Bros. Yes
Title Fight Spring Songs EP Hypnotize Revelation Yes
The Numbers Band Jimmy Bell's Still In Town Keep-a-Knockin' (But You Can't Come In) Exit Stencil Yes
Kevin Morby Harlem River Miles, Miles, Miles Woodsist Yes
Destroyer Five Spanish Songs Maria de Las Nieves Merge Yes
Dramady Answer Only To The Sea Downlow Cochon No
New Weather s/t Everything Butterscotch No
Recondite Hinterland Still Ghostly International No
Hammock Oblivion Hymns Holding Your Absence Hammock Music Yes
These Matches Won't Light In the Damp Throw My Ashes Into the Fire At the Bottom of the Lake self release No
Cate Le Bon single I Think I Knew (ft. Perfume Genius) Wichita No
Aloa Input Anysome Someday Morning Morr Music No
Elf Power Sunlight On The Moon Total Annihilation Orange Twin/Darla No
Lubricated Goat single In Between Wars self release No
Kiln meadow:watt Pinemarten Ghostly International No
Pampers s/t Purple Brain In the Red Yes
Places To Hide Almost Nothing October self release Yes
Flashlights Don't Take Me Seriously EP Choking Hard Rock Records Yes
The Kickdrums Thinking Out Loud Can't Hide Love Hopeless Yes
Males Males Males Males Madeleine Fishrider Yes
Brother Kite Model Rocket Bees Clairecords Yes
Dark Seas Hawkes Court White Horse Midnight Records Yes
Fortress Social Club Make Love Not Babies Lonesome Without You Fortress Recordings Yes
Heidecker & Wood Some Things Never Stay the Same On Our Own Little Record Company Yes
Bardo Pond Peace On Venus Taste Fire Records No
Dead Gaze Brain Holiday Runnin On The Moon Fat Cat No
Promised Land Sound s/t Make It Through the Fall Paradise of Bachelors No
The Ian Fays The Most Spectacular Party The Bear We Were Never Boring Yes
Doug Tuttle single Turn This Love Trouble In Mind No
Syd Arthur On An On Ode To The Summer Harvest Records Yes
Coliseum Sister Faith Doing Time Temporary Residence Ltd. Yes
Mutual Benefit Love's Crushing Diamond Advanced Falconry Other Music Recording Co. Yes
Daedelus Drown Out Eureka Anticon Yes
The Low Frequency In Stereo Pop Obskura Satellites In Sight Long Branch Records Yes
Gene Loves Jezebel House Of Dolls Gorgeous Geffen/Beggars Banquet No
Amason s/t EP Chicago Ingrid Yes

 Also new, but not marked as new since they are not currently in WUNH rotation:  Dramady, New Weather, Recondite, Cate Le Bon, Aloa Input, Elf Power, Kiln, Bardo Pond, Dead Gaze, Promised Land Sound, Doug Tuttle