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Kristen W. playlist for 10/19/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Tricky Blowback Something in the Way Hollywood No
Brooklyn Shanti Bedstuyle Sun Salutation Someplace Called Brooklyn Yes
Philip Selway Weatherhouse Miles Away PIAS Yes
Absolutely Free s/t My Dim Age Lefse Yes
Kevin Morby Still Life Dancer Woodsist Yes
Eliot Lipp Watch the Shadows Watching the Shadows Pretty Lights Music Yes
Memoryy Young Oblivion Young Oblivion self release Yes
Homeshake In the Shower Making a Fool Of You Sinderlyn Yes
Deers Barn Castigadas En El Granero Mom+Pop Yes
Surfer Joe Practice in the Milky Way Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of Power Fire No
September Girls single Heartbeats Fortuna Pop! No
Guy Blakeslee single Kneel & Pray Everloving No
Jane Weaver The Silver Globe Don't Take My Soul B-Music/Finders Keepers No
The Soil & The Sun Meridian Are You? (radio edit) Audiotree Music Yes
Alt-J This Is All Yours Nara Atlantic Yes
Concord America Suns Out Guns Out Vanilla Bastard Post Echo Yes
The Juan Maclean In a Dream I've Waited For So Long DFA Yes
The Drums Encyclopedia There Is Nothing Left Minor Yes
Sinkane Mean Love Son DFA Yes
My Brightest Diamond This Is My Hand Pressure Asthmatic Kitty Yes
Music Go Music Impressions Night After Night Thousand Tongues Yes
Nude Beach single For You Don Giovanni No
Shonen Knife single Dance To the Rock Good Charamel No
Claude Channes single Mao Mao Wildcat Strike Disques No
Free Time single Esoteric Tizz Underwater Peoples No
Nightmares On Wax Vinyl Reissue Radio Sampler Morse Warp No

 Also new, but not marked as new since they are not currently in WUNH rotation:  Jane Weaver, Nude Beach, Shonen Knife, Free Time & Nightmares On Wax (reissue).