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Jill playlist for 11/06/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Alan Parsons Project I Robot The Voice No
Elton John Madman Across the Water Madman Across the Water No
Velvet Underground VU Stephanie Says with John Cale No
David Johansen David Johansen Frenchette No
Roxy Music Stranded A Song For Europe Third Roxy album No
Classix Nouveaux 12" single Guilty No
Iggy Pop Party Bang Bang No
Tom Robinson Band Power In the Darkness 2-4-6-8 Motorway No
Thin Lizzy Night Life Showdown No
Kansas Kansas The Pilgrimage No
Batdorf & Rodney Off the Shelf Oh My Surprise REQUEST - Newbury No
Crosby & Nash Nash/Crosby Immigration Man Crosby at Tupelo 11/15 No
Rory Gallagher Calling Card Calling Card No
Berlin Airlift Berlin Airlift Over The Hill No
The Bongos Drums Along the Hudson The Bulrushes No
Paul Simon Hearts and Bones The Late Great Johnny Ace No
MC5 Back in the USA Shakin Street Fred 'Sonic' Smith d. 11/4/94 No
Robert Gordon Fresh Fish Special Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache Link Wray d. 11/5/05 No
Joni Mitchell Wild Things Run Fast Chinese Cafe b. 11/7/43 No
Doug Sahm Groovers Paradise Beautiful Texas Sunshine b. 11/6/41 No
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady Ever Fallen In Love No
dBs Like This Spy In the House of Love No
The Kinks Second Time Around No More Looking Back No
Toto Hydra Mama No
Joe Jackson Jumpin' Jive You're My Meat No
Rockpile Rockpile Heart No
Rolling Stones Flowers Backstreet Girl No

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