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Jeff & the Kid playlist for 03/16/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Fishbone No
Bikini Kill S/A Double Dare S/R No
Lines Standby Standby Sideman Records No
Cars Panorama Up and Down Eletra No
Wire Train S/A Spin MCA No
The The This is the day I've been waiting Epic No
Lighting Seeds 12in Single Pure MCA No
Janes Addiction Ritual De Habitual Three Days WB No
Right the Stars Hello Yes Okay Best Days of our Lives Cousteau Records Yes
Pond Beard, Wives, Denim Elegant Design Modular Yes
The Left Cycles I'll Carry You Feels Right Yes
Vanaprasta Healthy Geometry Nine Equals Nine S/R Yes
The D.A. You Kids! Tenderfoot S/R Yes
Said the Wahle Little Mountain Loveless Hidden Pony Yes
Tennis Young & Old Traveling Fat Possum Yes
The Small Cities With Fire Abraham Princess Records Yes
Andrew Bird Break It Yourself Orpheo Looks Back Mom & Pop Yes
Princeton Remembrance of Things to Come To the Alps Easter Everywere Yes
Plants and Animals The End of That The End of That Secret City Yes
Cheers Elephant Like Wind Blows Fire Leaves S/R Yes
Zues Busting Visions Are You Gonna' Waste My Time? Arts & Crafts Yes
The Darcy's Aja Peg Arts & Crafts Yes
Ryan Flaherty & The All-Begetters Here Comes Everyone Escstacy S/R Yes
Sweet Jane Sugar For My Soul Bleed Reekus Yes
Bare Wires Cheap Perfume Cheap Perfume South Paw Yes
The Lovely Bad Things New Ghosts/Old Waves You Done Messed Me Up Volcom Entertainment Yes
Eux Autrees Sun Is Sunk Right AQgain Mots Yes

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