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Folk Show playlist for 01/19/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Billy Joe & Norah Kentucky Yes
Rosanne Cash Money Road Yes
Valerie June Pushin Against A Stone Trials, Troubles, Tribulations Concord Yes
Valerie June Pushin' Against a Stone Tennessee Time Concord Yes
Tim Grimm The Turning Point The Canyon Cavalier Recordings Yes
Michael Jerling Halfway Home After The Flood Fool's Hill Music Yes
Eleni Mandell Let's Fly A Kite Love Never Acted Yep Roc Records Yes
Dudley Laufman, Jack Perron, Randy Miller, and Fred Breunig Itinerant Musicians License Kentish Cricketeers, Green Grow The Rushes/Trip To Turnbridge, Pays de Haut No
Oyster Band Twenty Golden Tie-Slackeners Kentish Cricketers/Galopede No
Cock And Bull Concrete Routes Sacred Cows Lunch In The Pub No
Rodney Miller Airplang Sail Away Ladies/Waynesboro No
Old New England Choose Your Partners! Money Musk No
Two Fiddlers Choose Your Partners! Portland Fancy, Paul Jones No
David Surette Back Roads Chorus Jig No
Rodney and Randy Miller New England Chestnuts Chorus Jig No
Foregone Conclusions Foregone Conclusions Chorus Jig/Drowsy Maggie/Dancing Bear No
Susie Burke & David Surette Sometimes in the Evening Medina County No
Harvey Reid Overview Dreamer Or Believer No
TS Baker Through The Shadows Save For The Moon No
Cosy Sheridan The Horse King Would You Like To Meet The Voice Inside My Head No
Cormack McCarthy Collateral Back When I Worked On The Railroad No
John Perrault Rough Cuts Down The Track No
Susie Burke & David Surette When the Small Birds Sweetly Sing Cool Of The Day No