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DJ Tanner playlist for 01/25/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
DJT intro Bangles No
The Thermals the body the blood the Machine a pillar of salt No
Cool ya Jets No
Old Hat! Powderhorn Unto You Local NH No
Ra Ra Riot Beta Love When I dream Yes
Grimes Visions Color of Moonlight My new LP! No
Man-or Astroman live transmisions from Uranus Sferic Waves 1995 No
talk back No
Toothfairy Formative Kicked out the Band Digging this band for real No
Spoon Loveways Change my Life No
The Manhattan Love Suicides s/t Indian Summer beat happening cover No
Jonathan Richman Dodge Veg-o-matic LP No
Gang of 4 I found that Essence Rare LP No
Reigning Sound Live a Goner Do Something No
The Vaccines Come of Age Change of Heart part 2 No
Sicko Chef Boy Ru Dum Beleive No
Silver Jews Bright Flight Friday Night Fever No
Magnetic Feilds Get Lost All The Umbrellas in London 1995 No
Palace Brothers s/t Thou without Partner No
Cake Motorcade of Generosity Ruby Sees All LP No
Down to the Well Some Songs Run Local NH No
New Bomb Turks Pissing Out Poison I Wanna Sleep 1995 No
The Make-Up Destination:Love Dont step on the Children No
Magnapop Hot Boxing Slowly Slowly No
National Skyline s/t Metropolis No
Modest Mouse Everywhere and his nasty parlour tricks Here it Comes fav MM album No
San Cisco Awkward Reckless No
Gil Scot Heron Where did The night go? No
Spacemen 3 I love You No
Ian James Grand Delusions In Your Spell Local MA No
Hamell on Trial Father's Advice No