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DJ Tanner playlist for 11/15/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Prince Controversy 1981 No
Spazz DJT'd No
Pajama Slave Dancers Thank God for College Radio 1986 No
DEVO Peek-a-Boo (Dance Velocity) 1982 No
Gravy Train!!! Lick 2004 No
Grappo S Police Dog 1982 No
Pain Teens Born In Blood The Basement 1990 No
Misfits American Psycho Dead Kings Rise 1997 No
Descendents Milo Goes To College Bikage No
Crass You're Already Dead 1988 No
Primus Pork Soda Mr. Krinkle 1993 No
Mucky Pup U Stink 1989 No
Moby Woodstock Mix 1991 No
Defunkt Dance Together 1981 No
Nova Mob The Last Day of Pomeii Where You Gonna Land? No
Passage Creature in the Classroom No
Passage a poem for 2004 No
Nico Little Sister No
Sousie & the Banshees The Passanger 1987 No
KMFDM oh look 1988 No
Negativeland Piece of Meat 1990 No
New Kids on the Block New Kids on the Block 1986 No
Sleepy LaBeef Ride on Josephine 1937 No
Pajama Slave Dancers The Brady Bunch No
Pajama Slave Dancers Book Mobile No
DEVO Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats) No
Satellite Boyfriend Bam Bam Bah! No
Thurston Moore Benidiction No