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DJ Tanner playlist for 09/13/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Murphy's Law intro DJT No
Skrogg Blooze Someone up there must like me LOCAL No
Motor Creeps Too Fast to Die Working Girl LOCAL No
Antibodies live fast, die old school Defy You LOCAL No
Talk Back No
DJT MIxer Count 666 No
The Labor Pains Night of the Living Deadhead LOCAL No
Suicidal Tendencies Lights Camera Revolution emotion #13 No
DJT Mixer Murder DJT Machete No
Fugazi 13 Sonds Waiting Room No
talk back No
Losers Fight It Jurrasic Park LOCAL No
Genuine Rust Urban Rejects Split I Drown LOCAL No
Forward Only Time Machine LOCAL No
talk back No
Pleasent Wally Hoedown Stock Market Hop No
Teenage Hooker Factory The Cause that caused the cause LOCAL No
The Bynars Never Gonna Die LOCAL No
DJT mixer classical connections LOCAL No
7" AT 11 STARTS NOW! ************ ALL 7" VINYL BELOW 11PM-12AM No
File 13 1987 laura No
Eugine Pipper 1987 Peking Hop No
Fastbacks 1992 Off the Charts No
Fegan 1998 langerisen No
22 Pistepirkko 1998 Hank's TV set No
DJT mixer Fraggle Rock/Psycho Killer No
Talk Back No
Ramones 1985 Daytime Delemma No
Mixel Pixel 2007 Artificial Kid No
LCD Soundsystem 2005 Daft Punk is Playing at My House No
Nelories 1994 Eyes and Shoes No
Mike Watt 2013 30 Days in the Hole Yes
Lung Leg 1998 No
The Make-Up 1998 The choice No
Magnetic Fields 1995 All the umbrellas in London No
Magic Hour Heads Down No
God Help the Girl Come Monday Night No
DJT out No

DJT playlist from FRIDAY THE 13TH!7" at the 11pm hour