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Dan playlist for 06/06/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Blood for Blood Livin in Exile Ace Of Spades No
The Tin Thistles We Were Promised Better The Still Life No
Mclusky The Difference Between You and Me Is That I'm ON Fire Forget About Him I'm Mint No
Goreality Disassembling Goreality No
Del The Funky Homosapien Eleventh Hour Naked Funk No
Drive By Bukkae Oozing Doom Mountain of Steriods No
Michael Graves Return to Earth We Wait No
Municipal Waste the Art of Partying Beer Pressure No
Midnite Rip This Hell Rip This Hell Yes
Disfear Misanthropic The Horn No
Ed Gein Judas Goats and Disleaters Christianity as Foreign No
Eazy-E Eternal E Radio No
Carpathian Forest The Possibly of Lifes Destruction No
Cattle Decapitation Karma Bloody Karma Success is (Hanging by the Neck) No
Goratory Spludge Fisting the Elderly No
The Tin Thistles We Were Promised Better BlackTop No
Eric B and Rakim Don't Sweat The Technique Don't Sweat the Technique No
Impiety Christ Fracking Christ No
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope Dead Battery No
Mr. Lif I Heard It Today FolkLore No
Nile 4th araa of dagon No
ACid Reflux ep Do you like Mangos No
Dissassociate Imperfect World Information Warfare No
Breakdown Dissed and Dismissed You Gotta Fight No
From Ashes Rise nightmares Reaction No
Anal Cunt You Live in a Houseboat No
Out Cold Planned Accidents Help me to forget No
WarAnimal Into the Gore we Ride Devils Cup No
Tom Jones Jezebel No
The Tin Thistles We Were Promised Better One Ways and Dead Ends No

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