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Ceili playlist for 07/08/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Gerald Trimble First Flight Paddy O'Brien's/Scatter The Mud/Arthur Darley's Green Linnet No
Bill Whelan and Planxty The Roots of Riverdance Timedance Celtic Heartbeat No
Riverdance Band Riverdance: Music From The Show Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament) Decca No
Anuna Invocation Rising of The Sun Celtic Heartbeat No
Riverdance Band Riverdance Riverdance Decca No
Declan Masterson Fairwater=Fionnuisce O'Carolan's Concerto Gael-Linn No
Moving Hearts The Storm Finore Tara No
Niamh Ni Charra Súgach Sámh / Happy Out Paddy's Lamentation Claddagh No
Patrick Mangan Farewell To Ireland Song of Books White Label No
Mozaik Live At The Powerhouse The Last Dance Compass No
Chicago Reel (Rose Duffy) Chicago Reel Comb Your Hair and Curl IT/Roll out the Barrel/Limerick Lasses Privately produced No
Margaret Barry I Sang Through The Fairs She Moved Through The Fair Rounder No
The Peatbog Faeries Untamed: Next Generation Celtic Alexander MacAskill of Berneray, Harris Narada No