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Ceili playlist for 04/29/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Gerald Trimble First Flight Paddy O'Brien's/Scatter the Mud/Arthur Darley's Green Linnet No
Clannad Fuaim Mhorag 's na Horo Gheallaidh Tara No
Malicorne Malicorne Marions Les Roses Antagon No
Sileas Beating Harps Beating Harps Green Linnet No
Lo Jai Acrobates et Musiciens Lo Ceu N'a Creat Shanachie No
Peta Webb Alison McMorland & Peta Webb May Morning Dew Topic No
Champion String Band The Champion String Band Lady Rothes/General Garibaldi/The Champion Hornpipe Black Crow No
John Kirkpatrick, et al Morris On Staines Morris Hannibal No
Beggar's Velvet Lady of Autumn May Song Dragon/Old and New Tradition No
Fairport Convention Liege & Lief The Lark in the Morning/Rakish Paddy/Foxhunter's Jig/Toss The Feathers A&M No
Capercaillie Sidewaulk Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda Green Linnet No
Tony Cuffe When First I Went To Caledonia The Iron Horse Iona No
Blowzabella Blowzabella L'Enfant de Dieu/Faerie Dance Plant Life No
The Waterboys Room To Roam Raggle Taggle Gypsy Ensign No
De Danaan A Jacket of Batteries Eleanor Rigby Harmac No
The Pogues Poguetry in Motion A Rainy Night in Soho MCA No
JSD Band Travelling Days Dowie Dens of Yarrow Warner Brothers No
Patrick Street Patrick Street La Cardeuse Green Linnet No
Cromlech Igam Ogam Fe Drawodd Ar Fy Meddwyl Sain No
Robin Dransfield Tidewave Rigs o' Rye Topic No
Boys of the Lough III The Oak Tree/Nine Points of Roguery Transatlantic No
Pentangle Cruel Sister When I Was In My Prime Reprise No
Steeleye Span Below The Salt Sheepcrook and Black Dog Chrysalis No
Kathryn Tickell Band Kathryn Tickell Band Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face Reel Black Crow No
Tony Rose Poor Fellows Boots of Spanish Leather Dingle No
Sandy Denny Sandy The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood A&M No
Phil Cunningham Airs and Graces The House in Rose Valley Green Linnet No
Robin and Barry Dransfield The Rout of the Blues Who's The Fool Now Trailer No
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Summer Solstice I Live Not Where I Love B&C No