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Ceili playlist for 04/15/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
Jim Moray In Modern History Lowlands of Holland Niblick No
Kevin Burke Suite The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow Loftus No
Nancy Wallace Looking For A New England Joy To The World Froots No
Nightingale Jolie Scotch Mary/Lizzy in the Lowground/Trails of Kubinek Privately produced No
The Once Row Upon Row of the People They know Jack The Sailor Borealis Yes
April Verch That's How We Run Jim Shank/Ti-Jacques Jarret Slab Town Yes
John Duffy Dabblings in Doggerel Tangmalangaloo Privately produced Yes
Mary Gail Murray Time and Folk Among Us Sligo Fancy/Off To California Privately produced Yes
Lady Maisery Weave & Spin Minoorne Labajalg/Elin's Trall Privately produced Yes
Wake The Neighbors s/e The 5 Pound Flute/Sailor's Wife/Tatter Jack Walsh Privately produced No
La Bottine Souriante Appellation D'Origine Controlee Mon Pere Borealis Yes
Moving Hearts Live in Dublin Finore Compass No
The Once Row Upon Row of the People They know Valley of Kilbride Borealis Yes
Kevin Burke and Cal Scott Across The River The Surround/The Red Stockings Loftus No
Bella Hardy Songs Lost & Stolen Bridge of Dean Navigator No
Nicole Rabata Armorica Junior's Waltz Privately produced No
Andy Irvine Abocurragh Banks of Newfoundland AK No
April Verch That's How We Run Durang's Hornpipe Slab Town Yes
Jackie Oates Saturnine The Trees They Are So High ECC No
Dylan Foley Hup! Fly in the Porter/King of the Pipers Privately produced Yes
Emery Hutchins Away To The West A Walk in the Storm Crooked Cove No

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