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Ceili playlist for 02/16/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Gerald Trimble First Flight Paddy O'Brien's/Scatter The Mud/Arthur Darley's Green Linnet No
Anne Briggs Classic Anne Briggs The Snow It Melts The Soonest Fellside No
The Albion Band with John Tams Midwinter Snow Falls Free Reed No
Altan Harvest Storm The Snowy Path Green Linnet No
Tracey Thorne Tinsel & Lights Snow Merge No
Milladoiro Auga de Maio O Santo de Polvora Green Linnet No
Llan de Cubel Un Tiempu Meyor Xigues de Torner Fono Astur No
Brenga Astur Tornando Al Abellug'ul Llar Cuando sali de Cabrales Fono Folk No
Llan de Cubel Un Tiempu Meyor La Casa Gris Fono Astur No
Richard Thompson Henry The Human Fly Shaky Nancy Island No
Teada Ainneoin na stoirme (In Spite of the Storm) Gone For His Tea/Joe DErrane's/All About Weaving Gael-Linn Yes
Cyril Tawney Navy Cuts: The Songs of Cyril Tawney The Oggie Man ADA No
Poor Angus Gathering Harrison's Borealis Yes
Perpetual e-Motion s/e Frieze Britches/Road to Recovery/Opera Reel/Maudabawn Chapel Privately produced No
Jim Moray Sprig of Thyme Fair and Tender Lovers Niblick No
Joey Abarta Swimming Against The Falls Miners of Wicklow/My Former Wife Privately produced No
Fairport Convention Liege & Lief Come All Ye A&M No
Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy and Paul Weller The Imagined Village John Barleycorn RealWorld No
Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello Grace Bay A Trip to Milltown/The Gallowglass Privately produced Yes
Teada Ainneoin na storime (In Spite of the Storm) Pe in Eirinn I Gael-Linn Yes
The Outside Track Curious Things Given Wings Blackbirds and Thrushes Mad River No
Bellowhead Broadside The Old Dun Cow Navigator No