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Ceili playlist for 07/24/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Nancy Wallace Looking For A New England Joy to the World fRoots No
Battlefield Band Line-Up Raigmore Temple Yes
Andy Irvine Abocurragh Oslo/Norwegian Mazurka AK Yes
Phil Cunningham Airs & Graces Margaret MacKinnon of Digg Green Linnet No
Julie Fowlis Uam (From Me) A'Chiad Cheum (The First Step) Shoeshine No
Orla Fallon My Land Ni Na La Elevation Yes
The Lakeman Brothers Evolving Tradition Fairfield March/Pit Stop/Rushing Reel Mrs. Casey No
Chris Wood Handmade Life Caesar R.U.F. Yes
Daithe Sproule Lost River Vol. 1 The Colleen Roo New Folk Records Yes
Nicole Rabata Armorica An Feochan Self Released No
Battlefield Band Line-Up A Briogais Uallach Temple Yes
Andy Irvine Abocurragh Willie Of Winsbury AK Yes
Ruth Notman Threads Farewell Farewell Mrs. Casey No
Martin Carthy Waiting For Angels Famous Flower of Serving Men Topic No
Burning Bridget Cleary Totes For Goats Cameron's Twinkle/Trip To Spektor Self Released Yes
Maeve Gilchrist Song of Delight Kate's Journey/Autumn Man Adventure Music Yes
Washington Square Harp and Dance Orchestra Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley Miss McGuinness/Tommy Peoples/The Torn Jacket Self Released Yes
Giant's Dance s/e Rose in the Heather/The Catholic Boy/Scully Casey's/The Tidy Woman Self Released Yes

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