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Ceili playlist for 05/15/2011

Artist Album Title Label New
Chris Wood Handmade Life Hollow Point R.U.F. Yes
Andy Cutting Andy Cutting Charlie/Come Back! Lane Records No
Liz Simmons The Whole World Come All Ye Lonely Lovers Self Released No
Ari and Mia Friedman Unruly Heart Amelia Self Released Yes
The washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley-Hooley The Humours of Lisheen/The House in the Glen/Art O'Keeffe's Self Released Yes
June Tabor Ashore The Oggie Man Topic Yes
April Verch Steal The Blue Fork Creek River Slab Town No
Hannah Sanders & Liz Simmons Demo The Banks of the Sweet Primroses No
Dervish Playing With Fire The Ash Plant Set Whirling Discs No
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra The Symphonic Celtic Album May It Be - The Lord of the Rings Silva Classics Yes
Bella Hardy Songs Lost and Stolen Labyrinth Navigator Yes
Brongaene Griffin Three Colours Ginger Planxty Hewlett Loftus Yes
Jim Moray Low Culture Across the Western Ocean Niblick No
Tim Van Eyken War Horse The Year Turns Round Again National Theatre No
Eric Bogle The Colour of Dreams As If He Knew Greentrax No
The Dubliners The Best of the Dubliners The Galway Races Sony Music No
The Washington Squares Since Maggie Dooley learned The Hooley-Hooley Since Maggie Dooley Self Released Yes
Andy Cutting Andy Cutting Still Hearing You/Resplendent Jig Lane No
Chris Wood Handmade Life My Darling's Downsized R.U.F. Yes