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Ceili playlist for 01/22/2012

Artist Album Title Label New
The Sangsters (Fiona Forbes) Sharp and Sweet Parcel O'Rogues Greentrax No
Janet Russell & Christine Kydd Dancin' Chantin' Duncan Gray Greentrax No
Deaf Shepherd Synergy Winter O'Life Greentrax No
Dougie MacLean Real Estate Green Grow The Rashes Dunkeld No
Eddi Reader Peacetime Aye Waukin' O Compass No
Michel Faubert Sampler La Veillee chez Gervais Mille-Pattes No
Perpetual e-Motion s/e Flying Tent Privately produced No
Maddie Southorn The Pilgrim Soul When I Was On Horseback Fellside No
Moving Hearts Live in Dublin McBride's Compass Yes
Stan Rogers Fogarty's Cove Fisherman's Wharf Borealis Yes
Brendan Power New Irish Harmonica My Lagan Love Green Linnet No
Sadie Lorna Obit For A Stargazer City Sidewalk Privately produced Yes
Billy Ross Shore Street Up in The Morning Early Greentrax No
Rod Paterson Up-To-Date Willie Wassle Greentrax No
Ceolbeg The Music & Song of Greentrax The Nodding Song - Guide E'en Tae Ye Kimmer/The Skye Bridge Song Greentrax No
Ewan MacColl Songs of Robert Burns I Maun Hae A Wife Ossian No
The Poozies Infinite Blue The Shepherd's Wife/Andrew Carr Compass No
Old Blind Dogs Fit? Is There For Honest Poverty Green Linnet No
MacAlias Highwired The Gowden Locks of Anna Greentrax No
Ewan MacColl Songs of Robert Burns Hey Ca' Thro' Ossian No
Eddi Reader Sings The Songs of Robert Burns Ae Fond Kiss Compass No
Dick Gaughan Handful of Earth New Westlin' Winds Green Linnet No
The Burns Unit Side Show Send Them Kids To War Proper Yes
The Cast Celtic Connections Auld Lang Syne The Living Tradition No
Brian Hebert and Friends Any Time At All I Waan Be Your Man Reel Privately produced No
Laura Risk, Kieran Jordan, Paddy League Triptych Rise Ye Lazy Fellow Privately produced Yes