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BS With Bill & Spenser playlist for 12/04/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Clutch Blast Tyrant La Curandera No
The Melvins Houdini Live Cop-Ache No
Rick Springfield Greatest Hits Live Kristina No
Viking Skull Hidden Flame No
Kyng Trampled Sun The Beauty of the End/Shorelines Pt 1 No
Masked Intruder Self Titled EP 25 to Life No
Destroy The Legacy TO Hell If I Have To Brain Tumor No
Pit O' Bodies The Pit Drowning In a Maelstrom of Blood No
Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders CAFO No
Rudy + Blitz Static on the Click PFD No
Outkast Idlewild Dyin' To Live No
Primus Rhinoplasty EP Silly Putty No
David Bowie Hurt No
Johnny Cash Hurt No
Nine Inch Nails Hurt No
Wendy O Williams Commander of Chaos Ain't None Of Your Business No
Danzig Danzig Mother No
Protest the Hero Volition Mist Yes
Pour Habit Teen Turned to Fiends No
Cemetentiary Imprisoned No