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BS With Bill & Spenser playlist for 11/13/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Dio Holy Diver Stand Up and Shout No
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind The Trooper No
Plasmatics New Hope for the Wretched Dream Lover No
Graveyard Hisingen Blues Hisingen Blues No
Melvins Stoner Witch Sweet Willy Rollbar No
Melvins Stoner Witch Revolve No
Queen A Day at the Races White Man No
Queensrhyche Operation Mindcrime Operation Mindcrime No
Fear The Record No More Nothing No
Dead Milkmen Beelzebubba Punk Rock Girl No
Bad Brains Bad Brains Attitude No
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables California Uber Alles No
Rick Springfield Livin In Oz Livin In Oz No
Dead Boys Night of The Living Dead Boys Sonic Reducer No
Primus Pork Soda Mr Krinkle No
Impact Test Kill Kill Kill She Wears the Name of God No
Tumor Circus Take me Back or I'll Drown Our Dog No
Pallbearer Sorrow and Extinction The Legend No
Eyehategod New Orleans Is The New Vietnam New Orleans Is The New Vietnam No
Naked City The Scicilian Clan No