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BS With Bill & Spenser playlist for 03/26/2014

Artist Album Title Label New
Strapping Young Lad The New Black Antiproduct No
Pantera Cowboys From Hell The Art of Shredding No
Amen Amen I Don't Sleep No
Entombed Left Hand Path No
Pathfinder Ready to Die Between Stars No
Ash Orpheus No
Turbonegro Kick It Out No
A Fiendish Threat Different From The Rest No
Thou Heathen Into The Marshlands No
Respite Respite Revelation No
Punky Brewster Cooked on Phonics Metal Dilemma No
Misfits Dr Phibes Rises Again No
Eyehategod Agitation! Propaganda! No
Dessa False Hopes Kites No
Doomtree Doomtree Drumsticks No
POS Never Better Optimist No
Kryzystof Penderecki Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima No