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The New Monday Night Jazz

If you tuned into Monday Night Jazz last week, you may have been pleasantly surprised to hear a new voice on the freewaves to go along with that great ensemble sound. Well, new to the show at least. WUNH's Bill Cooper (AKA DJ Coop) is now the new host of this classic show. Despite the difficulties of providing unique content in one genre for hours at a time each week, DJ Coop has stepped very comfortably into his role as host.

So how did the new jazz guy find his niche in the first place? "I started playing guitar when I was pretty young,", he recalls, "but it wasn't until I met Gerry Adams, a wonderful jazz guitar teacher, until I really started to like playing." It was through instruction under this teacher that allowed for his exploration of the genre. "At first, I was really into more of classic rock and metal, but after joining the jazz band and listening to two albums that changed my life ("Kind of Blue" Miles Davis, and more importantly, Stanley Clarke's "School Days" album), I became infatuated with it."

Coop also appreciates the extreme skill and sound of artists who can improvise at the drop of a pin, something very common in the many styles heard on Monday Night Jazz. "I began to love the 60's-70's combo sound and from there, dug further into the older jazz. It was then I found big band jazz, newer Buddy Rich with older Count Basie and Charles Mingus. I think soloing is one of the coolest things an artist can do in music, to take a chord progression and improvise a melody on top of it. Not only is it fun to play, but it's so much fun to listen to. Over the years, it has become one of my favorite genres, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my love of it to others."

You can hear DJ Coop each week Monday from 6-8PM on Monday Night Jazz for the best in that big band, swing, and that good ole classic style, only on 91.3fm WUNH Durham, the seacoast sound alternative.



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