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All About Olivia!

Looking for something to tune into on Thursdays? Why not start off your work day right by listening to WUNH's own Olivia? Originally from Long Island, Olivia brings her eclectic tastes right to your work day radio. "I'm big into funk, electronica, motown, indie... basically anything but screamo," she tells us. And take it from us- it couldn't be more true.

When you're listening to Olivia's show, one minute you'll be listening Two Door Cinema Club, the next you'll be swinging to Herbie Hancock. "My favorite band is called 'Big Bad Voodoo Daddy'" she says of her music tastes. "It's safe to say I love swinging to Big Band music - I play the saxophone." Despite her extensive tastes, Olivia almost didn't travel down the path to DJdom. "I tried out for the campus theatre troupes freshman year and didn't make any of them. So instead I joined the radio. Funny how these things work out!" 

Olivia's involvement with WUNH and the UNH community overall is very impressive. She is in RA as well as into education. Her dream is to have her own children's television show. "I'm the next Ms. Frizzle!" she laughs. When you tune in, you'll be entertained by her quips and cleverness, specifically the word of the day. "Every show, I pick a word of the day, like Heliotrope. It's just a fun to add something to your vocabulary everyday."

Sound like a good time? Be sure to tune in Thursdays 9-12pm on WUNH Durham!

 UPDATE: Olivia is now a part of WildActs! Congratulate her on her theater triumphs.