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Andrew W playlist for 09/26/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Vallis Alps Habits Fading No
Coucheron Loud Loud No
London Grammar Truth is a Beautiful Thing Big Picture Yes
Brick + Mortar Dropped Brighter Than The Sun No
DJDS Why Don't You Come On Trees on Fire Yes
Foster The People Sacred Hearts Club I Love My Friends Yes
Harrison Brome Fill Your Brains Fill Your Brains No
Aquilo I Could Fight A Wall I Could Fight A Wall Yes
Cut Copy Haiku From Zero Standing In The Middle Of The Field Yes
Fickle Friends Glue Sugar No
Kaleida Tear The Roots Meter Yes
Barclay Crenshaw Barclay Crenshaw Hidden Harmonics No
Clientele Music for the Age of Miracles Constellations Echo Lanes Yes
Half the Animal Bad Bad Love bad Bad Love Yes
Jessie Ware Midnight Midnight No
Tender Modern Addiction Erode Yes
Transviolet Kaleidoscopes Don't Put It On Me Yes
Beck Bear Life Dear Life Yes
Tigertown Warriors Warriors Yes
Alice Glass Alice Glass Without Love Yes
Bay Ledges Fountain Tropical In Your Head Yes
Great Good Fine OK III Holding You No
ODESZA A Moment Apart Higher Ground (ft. Naomi Wood) Yes
Verite Somewhere In Between Nothing No
Emmit Fenn Eclipse What We Once Were Yes
Sixo The Odds of Free Will Numb No
Generationals Turning The Screw Turning The Screw Yes
TOMI Used To Alien Yes
Marian Hill Got It Got It No
Anna of the North Lovers Lovers Yes