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Preserving Human Kind with Drobro

With 100 Drobros I would donate them to my favorite organization WUNH FM 9.3FM where I have been a DJ for over 10 years.  As the computer administrator and senior DJ I'm able to say there is an imperative need to preserve our music library and most importantly our collection of vinyl records that still to this day is the largest part of our catalog. 



Our library grows daily as we receive over 100 CDs, digital downloads, and vinyl from the music industry. Not all of it make is in our music stacks although having first started as an AM station in 1972 you can image there are uncounted amounts of music, some of which are rare vinyl pieces and 1st cut CD demos of now popular artists.


With all this music and students literally dropping diamond tip needles on the records and dropping the CDs we need to preserve our library of tangible music.  Often music is stolen, lost, or damaged; with 100 Drobros we could preserve our library.  Our station is a rare type where we’re actually physically handling music that you hear with 3 CD players and 2 turntables.  It's a sad fact that we need to move digital but there is an understanding it's best for the preservation of the station's only asset, music.


WUNH’s music library is from around the world and through time, an archive of humankind in its purest form because it is known music is a special connector of human beings.  Preservation of our universal treasure is what 100 Drobros would do.